What are the Benefits of a Dumbwaiter in a Commercial Setting?

Imagine being able to transport food from one location to the next without a lot of hassle. While the dumbwaiter in Singapore by Lift Works has been around for awhile, it is once again increasing in popularity with people that are looking to take their efficiency to a whole new level. Despite the unusual name, this is actually a lift that offers smart solutions for a variety of commercial locations including hotels, restaurants, and more.

Less Staff

Adding a dumbwaiter decreases the staff’s responsibility to ensure individuals needs are met in a timely fashion. Instead of having hotel staff deliver towels to one room on each floor, this lift can get the job done. If meals need to be moved from the lower kitchen up to the dining area, the dumbwaiter removes the need for someone to run back and forth, essentially cutting out the middle man. This direct delivery is done by a machine.

Less Injury

With hands full of all sorts of trays or items, making it up and down stairs can be a challenge. Each step offers the chance of injury, putting the staff at risk. The property and its owner could be found liable for the injury. Even taking trays up multiple floors in the elevator could be risky depending on the distance the worker needs to travel and the type of flooring. Why take the chance when a machine can perform the same task without any risk at all?

Higher Efficiency

Most people may not get out a stopwatch and actually time how long it takes to deliver an item to a guest at the hotel. Some restaurant managers don’t know exactly how much time it takes to get a meal from the kitchen to the table. However, if there’s a chance to decrease this time, keeping guests and diners happier, it’s well worth looking into. In addition to getting the job done quickly and efficiently, there is a lot of opportunity to save money. The dumbwaiter will pay for itself in no time. Paying staff is a never ending expense that will continue to grow over time.