Understanding the Challenges of Machinery Moving

A lot of businesses have factories where the production of products is completed. As a business grows, their production needs grow as well. This can lead to space issues, especially if large machinery is used during the production of any products. In some cases, a business may be fortunate enough to own their own factories and adjoining properties so they can expand as needed. However, it’s more common for companies to lease warehouse space and move as their needs change. Any time a move is necessary, an expert in machinery moving will also be required.

The Challenges of Moving Machinery

There are several challenges of moving machinery. A major one is the size of the machine. There are some machines that are as big as a house in both width and height. Moving a machine like this requires a lot of skill, and the machine itself will have to be dismantled and then rebuilt on the new site. When this occurs, it’s possible that many of the parts will still be the size of a car, a person, or an entire room.

Another challenge is disassembling and reassembling proprietary equipment. Proprietary equipment usually means there’s nothing else like it on the market. Someone with a lot of skill will need to be hired to oversee the process.

Lastly, a move can lead to damaged equipment no matter carefully everything is packed and moved. Having someone that can repair equipment, or working with a company that can replace parts, will be important during the moving process.

Hiring an Expert

Most companies don’t have a millwright for moving. Very large companies might, but medium to small companies tend to only hire the staff needed on a daily basis, and a millwright isn’t used daily. Fortunately, the same companies that provide rigging, cranes and moving trucks for moving big machines will also have a millwright on staff for those moves. A millwright might work with a company for weeks or months prior to an actual move because they need to become familiar with any proprietary equipment. Also, they may be a major part of choosing a new facility and setting up its layout.

If your company has large machines, and there’s the potential to move sometime in the near future, getting familiar with companies that offer moving services for machinery is important. They will have the tools and the staff to make the move as smooth as possible.